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Burt’s Bees Men’s All Natural Body Wash

Many of us are pretty particular about the things we put in our bodies. Opting for organic food and high quality supplements. We read labels and agonize over free range verses all natural. But were you aware that 60 percent of what goes on your skin ends up being absorbed into your body? That’s right 60 percent! Which means you need to be just as careful with what goes on your body as what goes in your body. Which is why natural grooming products for men are becoming so popular.  Continue reading


Eat Your Way To Sexy by Elizabeth Somer

thDiscover ten simple secrets to to being sexy, healthy and happy Do you feel frumpy instead of fabulous? Are you overweight and undersexed? Do you want the vibrant health and happiness that will make you look and feel better than you ever have?Your sexy self is directly linked to your appetite, and by making small changes to your diet, you can boost your energy, sharpen your mind, feel fabulous and revitalize your sex life.

Eat Your Way to Sexy inspires you to take charge of your health and become more energetic, confident and sexy than you’ve ever been. The hundreds of tips, tools, self-assessments, recipes and checklists in this book will teach you how to:

– Start your day with a “Ménage à Trois” breakfast designed to wake you up and keep you up.
–Power through the afternoon slump with a “G-Spot Snack” that’s guaranteed to keep you feeling sexy until bedtime.
– Customize a fitness plan that will keep you panting both in the gym and in the bedroom.
– Select foods rich in antioxidants that will give you that special glow and help you look up to fifteen years younger.
– Embrace exercises and supersexy foods that stimulate your most important sex organ—your brain.
– Get the sparkling eyes, luscious hair and touchable skin that will make you irresistible.
– And much more!

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New Problems For Lululemon

NEW YORK (AP) – Just a few months after Lululemon Athletica pulled yoga pants from shelves because they were too sheer, costing the company millions in sales, it’s fielding new complaints about quality.

The Canadian company had blamed the problems from spring on a style change and production issues.

New yoga pants have since made their way into stores, but there are recent complaints on the Lululemon Facebook page and its website about pants that are still too sheer. There are also complaints about pants pilling after a few months of wear — or even just a few uses — and about holes and seams coming apart.

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Natural Hair Masks For Healthy Beautiful Hair

Do you want healthy looking, sexy, beautiful hair but hate paying the big bucks for hair care products. We have just the thing for you. The following are 3 recipes for natural hair masks that are simple to make and made from ingredients that are probably already in your kitchen. These great recipes come to you from hair stylist Taylor Morgan at Kin Shoppe Salon & Day Spa in Ventura, California.

Fall 2013 Workout Wear For Men

Fall 2013 Workout Wear For Men

If you want to stay warm, but look cool this fall while you workout we have just the stuff for you. Here are some of the hottest looks for men for those brisk autumn days ahead. This is some of the latest workout gear from the top manufacturers that will have you turning heads this fall in the gym and out on the road. Go ahead make a statement as you work that body…we dare you!

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Fall 2013 Workout Wear For Women


Fall 2013 Workout Wear For Women

Fall is here and the weather is starting to cool down but the fall fashions are heating up! Here are some of the new fall fashion workout wear for women that will have you looking smoking hot as you exercise in the cool autumn air. Take a look at what some of the top fitness wear manufacturers are offering for the fall of 2013.

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Wearable Activity Trackers: Up by Jawbone

If you want to keep track of how much activity you get during the day and make a fashion statement Up by Jawbone is right Up your alley. This slick looking piece of equipment is a wrist band that looks a little like those fashion forward Live Strong plastic wrist bands that have been so popular and it comes in several really cool colors. But Up by Jawbone is so much more than just a hot fashion statement. Continue reading