Deer Antler Velvet

One of the hottest new products on the supplement market today is deer antler velvet. Its said to speed healing, enhance male sexual performance and improve strength and stamina in athletes and is band in many professional sports as an performance enhancing drug. But did you know deer antler velvet has been used in Chinese medicine for centuries? The first recorded use of deer antler velvet as a medicine dates back more than two thousand years to a tomb in Hunan Province where an ancient scroll was recovered that listed over 50 different diseases that deer antler velvet was prescribed to treat. Deer antler velvet is still used today by Chinese medicine doctors all over the world.

What exactly is deer antler velvet? Antler velvet is the name given to “young” antlers because they are covered in soft fury velvet. These newly forming antlers are made up of cartilage and contain blood vessels and nerves. Antlers are the only mammalian organ that regenerates annually.

The cycle of annual antler regeneration in deer is a unique phenomenon among higher vertebrate animals. Although all mammals possess the ability to heal wounds, complete regeneration of an organ takes place in no other mammal. This means that each year the entire structure (including all its supportive blood vessels, nerves, skin, hair and sebaceous glands) appears, grows very rapidly at up to 2 cm/day, and then calcifies.

After the support structures regress, and the skin peels off, a hard bone structure remains, which itself will subsequently be discarded by the stag and replaced. So, velvet antler has some unique and interesting qualities, particularly its very fast growth rate and the fact it fully regenerates each year. The deer are not harmed when the antlers are harvested.

Outside of the male enhancement and athletic performance uses deer antler velvet  has been used for centuries to control blood pressure, increase hemoglobin levels, increase lung efficiency, improve recuperation from exertion, improve muscle tone and glandular functions, sharpen mental alertness, relieve the inflammation of arthritis, and heal stomach ulcers.

Chinese herbal doctors use deer antler as a balancing agent for the endocrine system and in the treatment of penile erection dysfunction in men. Oriental physicians claim it is especially beneficial for men suffering from enlarged prostate glands and watery semen. Oddly enough, Deer antler velvet has also been used in the treatment of menstrual disorders. It contains both male and female hormones In addition to cartilage components, enzymes, minerals, vitamins, anti-inflammatory prostaglandins and, in particular, IGF-1 (insulin- like growth factor).

Our favorite brand of deer antler velvet is Deer Antler Stax by Velox Lab. This is what they have to say about their product

We’re all looking for more, right? Well, we’ve have developed the ultimate Human Growth supplement. Experience all the regenerative effects of Human Growth Hormone without side effects or syringes!

imgresDeer Antler Stax™ greatly improves overall bodily functioning and muscular development in athletes, while also reversing the realities of aging in those experiencing naturally reduced HGH production. Enhance your performance, physique and quality of life with the fast-acting and highly absorbable Deer Antler Stax! Take advantage of its unique benefits including:

  • Enhanced protein synthesis for muscle growth
  • Improved fat oxidation for maximum body fat loss
  • Moderated carbohydrate synthesis for greater exercise capacity
  • Critical mediating of blood glucose factors for increased recovery
  • Boosted mineral absorption for increased bone density
  • Reduced body fat
  • Refined cellular replacement for intensified tissue and organ functioning
  • Increased sexual appetite and performance

HGH has long been a favorite hormone for athletes. Right now synthetic HGH is a controlled substance, available only by prescription, and only under a doctor’s supervision because of some serious side-effects. It’s almost always available only as an injectable compound and only under the close scrutiny of medical professionals.

Deer antler velvet however produces higher levels of HGH naturally, is available over-the-counter and has not been shown to have any adverse side effects or to be contraindicated for any disease or illness. HGH is the core-controlling hormone in the human body. It is responsible for the vitality, energy, youthful looks, resilience and beauty so many people crave. HGH hormones naturally and normally develop in the pituitary gland in the brain as we grow.

In healthy people they reach their peak during puberty and adolescence and begin to fall off after the age of 21. By the time most adults hit the age of 60 their HGH levels are only 20 percent of what they were when they were in their 20s. Once people turn 30 years old, the decline in HGH speeds up, falling 14 percent or more every decade.

The faster HGH decreases the faster we appear to age and the faster the aches, pains and downside of aging set in. Increasing HGH however can reverse aging and have a regenerative effect nothing else known to man has! No wonder people are looking for a fix, particularly a natural one with no side effects!

Deer antler velvet contains an “Insulin Like Growth Factor-1,” or IGF-1. A single chain of IGF-1 consists of 70 amino acids. IGF-1 is found in deer antler velvet. It is an anabolic growth factor, meaning it stimulates new cell growth and cell regeneration in the body. Not only that, IGF-1 is recognized as being responsible for significant increases in lean muscle mass, decreased body fat, and improved healing and recovery times in those people who take it regularly. Increases in muscle strength, size, and efficiency are also attributed to IGF-1. Muscles tend to recover more quickly and return stronger and healthier when levels of IGF-1 are at their highest, but how does that happen?  By taking deer antler velvet

Before taking this or any other supplement you should check with your healthcare provider to make sure it won’t have any a adverse interactions with medications or other supplements your currently taking.