Half Price Online Personal Training

We all know that Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years are right around the corner and so are all the food and drinks that go along with all that celebrating. Well, My Life Fitness Authority Magazine has just what you need to make it through the holiday eating season without splitting your jeans! 1/2 price online personal training. For just 3 days (November 6th-9th) we will be offering our online personal training program for just $5.49 a month! (Regularly $10.99) That’s right–you can keep your weight in check over the holidays, work with a dream team of personal trainers and save a ton of money to boot! But if you snooze you lose because on November 9th at 3pm Pacific Standard Time this offer disappears. What are you waiting for? ORDER NOW!  because this is a deal you don’t want to miss. Believe me: the waistband of your pants will thank you.

  • We’ve joined together with 11 amazing celebrity trainers (the “dream team”) who are part of this new product.
  • ·         There are over 300 audio workouts from our coaches.
  • ·         It’s like having a personal coach in your ear 24/7. You can do this anytime, anywhere.
  • ·         Very little or no equipment is required for most of our programs.
  • ·         Programs are personalized for each user based on his/her unique fitness AND wellness profile. Not one size fits all. Not cookie-cutter.
  • ·         We’ve got everything from  Walking to Running…from Yoga to Pilates…from Resistance Training to Boot Camps to Meditation.
  • ·         We’ve got health-oriented programs that no one else has—to help with Type 2 Diabetes, Heart Disease, High Cholesterol, Hypertension, Obesity and Stress/Anxiety. We’ve also got a huge number of programs to help people with Back Pain. We even have programs to do at your desk (our “At Work” series) to offset the impact of “Sitting Disease”.
  • ·         It’s more than just workouts—we have articles, recipes and tips from our coaches.