Exercising The Soul By David-Dorian Ross


ExSoulCover for WebsiteDavid-Dorian’s best-selling book on “the living philosophy” of T’ai Chi. Learn how the movements of this art teach us to connect to our authentic self through the pathway of finding, maintaining or restoring the experience of Harmony. The path of taiji (or T’ai Chi) is an exploration of balance through the mastery of three specific disciplines: the flowing dance-like routines, the powerful standing meditations and the fear-dispelling game of taiji for two. When we find ourselves able to create harmony in the midst of life’s constant chaos, then we unlock the doorway to our inner authentic self – our Soul.

What readers had to say:

“Not just another book about Tai Chi! David’s book is a 7 course meal disguised as a dessert. He explains the history, philosophy, and experience of Tai Chi practice in a conversational manner. His insight and advise is profound and practical without being judgmental or didactic. I have put this book in the hands of all those I know who play tai chi and many who are seeking to improve their lives. I now better understand why and how the western mind often feels alienated by the teachings from the east. And, I have many more techniques at had for dealing with the eventual challenges of inner development. Thank you, David! This is one of the best books on Tai Chi philosophy, history, and development I’ve read – and I’ve read most of them”

“In his book ‘Exercising the Soul’ the author vividly shows the benefits of practices such as Taijiquan to body, mind and soul, a trio he sees as a unity. A firm believer in `Mind over Matter’, he describes how it changed his life, and how you should practice this wonderful technique. A must-read!”

“I appreciated David-Dorian’s relaxed yet informative style. His stories and explanation of the history of the soft martial were a delight to read and inspiring for newcomers to the disipline. I’m looking forward to more works by DDR. They add depth to my own practice of qigong/taiqi.”

“David Dorian-Ross explains a number of things regarding tai chi in a very easy to understand style. I found this book particularly good, because in my one year of working with a tai chi instructor, he did not impart much of the philosophy behind the moves. This was exactly the kind of information I was looking for.”

About the author:

David-Dorian Ross has been playing T’ai Chi (The Art of Harmony) for 35 years. He is America’s “Chief Chi-vangelist,” whose public appearances introduce people to the benefits, accessibility and sheer joy of learning T’ai Chi. His best-selling book Exercising the Soul can be found here on Amazon in both print and Kindle editions.

He recently hosted the prime-time special “T’ai Chi, Health and Happiness” for the PBS network (airing December 2012). It’s his second public television program on T’ai Chi; his first show was called “T’ai Chi in Paradise,” produced with Hawaiian Public Television in Honolulu. Inside Kung-fu Magazine called him “the man who brought T’ai Chi mainstream.” David-Dorian’s T’ai Chi instructional dvds have sold more than 1 million copies world-wide, and his program T’ai Chi Beginners’ Practice is the best-selling T’ai Chi dvd of all time.

Earlier in his career, David-Dorian became America’s T’ai Chi Champion – winning 8 US Gold Medals, a World Silver medal and 2 World Bronze medals in T’ai Chi performance (still the highest record of any American T’ai Chi athlete).

David-Dorian is the founder of T’ai Chi Fitness Instructor Training (F.I.T.) – the first teacher training program recognized by the Fitness Industry. David-Dorian is also the founder of T’ai Chi Connect ( the first international social networking site for players of T’ai Chi. In 2010, he was the Executive Producer of the first world-wide webcast coverage of World T’ai Chi Day, a show called “24 Hours of World Peace.”

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