The Cody Fitness App For iPhone


This app allows you to log your workout and share them with friends. Having people support you and encourage you can go a long way in helping you stay motivated and on track with your fitness regimen. Cody offers many of the same tools that other workout logs do-tracking time, distance, locations and notes but it also does so much more. Not only can users track their fitness progress via timelines, stats etc but this app focuses on social sharing, getting people to interact and share their fitness with friends and acquaintances.

What makes this app special is that it takes a more holistic approach to creating a fitness routine. Rather than pushing the goal and the process this piece of technology embraces the social aspect of becoming healthier through movement. By becoming a part of a group that has like-minded interests and nurtures each other in those interests the individuals in that group tend to be far more successful at staying focused and on track. Your friends can follow your progress through photo sharing, likes and comments. It also integrates easily with Facebook. This app also offers coaching from Cody the virtual fitness coach when you need help. The new Cody 2.0 version has a training feature that lets you get personal training right from Cody. This new feature lets you brows training plans from different trainers and subscribe to ones you like through the app (some programs are free some are paid). After subscribing to a plan, you can choose a workout to access video, photo and text instructions from your coach. When you complete a workout, log the workout directly to your Cody timeline. You can also check out timelines to see others who are working on the same plan. This can be a fun way to get and stay in shape for everyone, not just fitness enthusiasts. The app is available for iOS