Is Your Chair Killing You?

Is Your Chair Killing You?

Sitting for extended periods of time is as bad for your health as smoking cigarettes. And exercising for 30-60 minutes a day isn’t enough to undo the damage from extended periods of sitting. Is Your Chair Killing You reveals shocking new research showing that sitting for long periods greatly increases your risk of developing obesity, heart disease, diabetes, stroke and cancer. Our bodies were designed to move constantly over the course of the day, but most of us sit for hours a day at work and at home! Fitness and wellness expert and award-winning author Kent Burden has created brief, simple movements you can incorporate into your daily life to combat the damaging effects of sitting. These simple movements, done standing for 1-5 minutes each hour will burn calories, energize and refresh you, and you won’t even break a sweat; you’ll even improve your back pain. This book is a how-to for weight loss and disease prevention. Read this book–you’ll be healthier in as little as 8 minutes a day.

The author Kent Burden says” Being a wellness coach and personal trainer, I had clients that seemed to be doing things right. After a day of sitting at work, they would come to me and do their obligatory 30-60 minutes of exercise (lifting weights, doing cardio, yoga, Pilates, etc.) but they often had trouble losing weight and their bloodwork and physicals were still disappointing considering the amount of exercise they were doing! After reading an article on new research that sitting for extended periods of time may be a disease risk factor in its own right (much like tobacco use), I had an “aha” moment and couldn’t wait to start writing this book. I gathered all the research available on this breakout new field called “sedentary studies” and “Is Your Chair Killing You?” was born. I created short, simple movements that can be done over the course of the day at work or at home without breaking a sweat”.

What top health and fitness professionals are saying.”Kent Burden is one of America’s top mind/body wellness experts. He consistently creates synergy between traditional fitness modalities and mind/body practices and always delivers with a fresh, entertaining, anyone-can-do-this style. His latest book “Is Your Chair
Killing You?” is a practical and potent reminder of how important regular activity is in our everyday health.”
-Kathy Smith, America’s Leading Lady of Fitness, has sold over $500 million in lifestyle products and fitness equipment and is the best-selling author of “Feed Muscle Shrink Fat Diet” and “Moving Through Menopause.” She also has a signature age-fighting DVD workout line. 

“I was sitting when I opened Kent Burden’s book, Is Your Chair Killing You? Within
minutes, I was standing, convinced that “sitting too much is not the same as exercising
too little. They do completely different things to the body.” Burden explains with humor,
intelligence, wisdom, and insight how just 8 minutes a day can change our lives, health,
minds, and possibly even set us on the road to weight loss. This book is a gem and should
be the go-to book for every household, school, and office.”
Elizabeth Somer, R.D., author of Eat Your Way to Sexy, Food & Mood, Food & Mood: The Complete Guide to Eating Well and Feeling Your Best, Second Edition Look Ten Years Younger and Feel Happier Than EverEat Your Way To Happiness.

“If you’ve ever had a backache, no matter how minor or severe, you know you never want to have another one again in your life. This book, “Is Your Chair Killing You,”knowledgeably written by fitness and wellness expert Kent Burden, is the best DIY, self-help guide on the market to give you result oriented tips and life tools for how to maintain a pain-free back forever! Burden succinctly, in down to earth language, lays out the hard research-based facts regarding the debilitating effects a sedentary lifestyle has on one’s overall health and the higher susceptibility to the potential of back injury. His time-sensitive approach to making exercise easily accessible, regardless of where you are, abundant exercise descriptions and photos gives you the keys to your own freedom from a health restrictive, pain-driven lifestyle, to a vibrant, painless and positive one. This book is a must or anyone who wants control of their own health and well-being.””  –Linda Shelton, International fitness expert, former Fitness Director of Shape Magazine, 2007 Inductee to the National Fitness Hall of Fame.
“Kent Burden hits the nail on the head with this new book chock full of practical and life-changing strategies for optimal wellness.  Get up off your seat right now, and follow his lead.”   - Alycea Ungaro, P.T., author of Pilates Body in Motion, whose celebrity clients include Madonna, Uma Thurman, Kyra Sedgewick, Claire Danes, Christy Turlington and Molly Sims.

“Kent Burden finally addresses something fitness professionals have been trying to teach their clients for years.  His book is clear and to the point and his exercises are simple to understand and apply.  This man knows what he’s talking about and we will definitely recommend this book to our clients!”

-Ron Mathews and Yumi Lee
celebrity trainers and co-owners of Reebok CrossFit LAB and Atom Fitness, Inc. Celebrity clients include Brad Pitt, Pink, Hugh Jackman, Demi Moore, Orlando Bloom, Jennifer Garner, Jim Belushi  and Eva Mendez.

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