Italian Street Food-The Eugenio Sandwhich

This incredible sandwich is named after the gentleman who made it for me in a tiny bar on the streets of Florence. Honestly recreating the masterpiece that he made for me will be difficult anywhere else because many of the ingredients are very local, but it will give you the recipe and some substitute ingredients that will still create what may very well be the best sandwich you will ever eat.

Focaccia bread sprinkled with Italian herbs and garlic
1/4 lb prosciutto ham
1 Tbsp julienned raw zucchini
1/2 cup arugula
3 slices of grilled eggplant
1sliced tomato
3 slices of sheep’s milk cheese ( provolone will do)
Grated truffle (1/4 of a tsp truffle oil will do)
1Tbs aioli

Slice the focaccia bread down the center so that you end up with two golden brown crusts on either side for your sandwich (the side of the bread that has the herbs and garlic is the top of the sandwich). Layer the prosciutto, zucchini, arugula, eggplant, sliced tomato and cheese on the bottom slice of focaccia. Grate a little bit of black truffle on top (or sprinkle on truffle oil) then spread aioli on the bottom side of the herbed slice of focaccia and cover the layering you just created.