What to Do If You Hate the Gym?

What to Do If You Hate the Gym?

The Gym…it can be an intimidating place if you’re not one of “the regulars”. You walk through the front door and see lots of guys and girls with very fit looking bodies. Muscular arms, muscular calves, muscular everything. Plus slim waists and body-fitting clothing. They look totally at home whether they’re sweating bullets or barely breaking a sweat. They look like they popped out of Fitness, Shape, or Muscle & Fitness magazine. You feel about as comfortable as vegan at a hot dog eating contest.

The intimidation factor at the local gym can be a real disincentive to getting started on a regular exercise program. Why would you spend 30-60 minutes several days a week in place that makes you really uncomfortable? And you probably decide not to. The loser isn’t the gym. It’s you. Because everyone, including you, needs exercise to be part of their regular routine, not just to look good, but to maintain your health and vitality.


The great news is this doesn’t have to be the end of the line for you. You can do running, walking, strength training, Pilates, Yoga and many other activities without ever entering a gym. And without having to pay for a gym membership.


Eleven elite trainers have joined forces to offer the same kinds of programs to you that they provide to their celebrity and corporate clients. You’ll not only get the kind of fitness programs that Hugh Jackman, Claire Danes and Pink are able to access…but you’ll get audio programs personalized just for you based on your current fitness level and wellness condition. And for most of the programs, you won’t need more than a towel, matt and pair of dumbbells. There are even programs for your achy back—who doesn’t have one?


Just grab your phone, pop in your ear buds and click “play”…at home, on vacation or in the office (yes, I said office…our one-minute “at work” activities counter the very bad health impacts of prolonged sitting). You’ll feel and look great without having to step within 10 miles of that place you’re not so fond of—THE GYM.


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