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Whats Hot? AIReal Yoga

If you’re like me you’re always out there looking for something new and exciting to do, especially when it comes to working out. The truth is during my long fitness career I’ve traveled the world looking for that hot new trend. Well this week I stumbled upon something new and exciting right in my own back yard. Tucked in behind my good friend (and best chiropractor I’ve ever had) Logan Osland’s office in Ventura California is a surprisingly spacious fitness studio. This is the home of V-Fit Fitness studio. Now from the door it looks pretty typical. You can see Bosu balls, mats, hand weights, kettle bells, TRX training straps, medicine balls; ballet bars and Swiss balance balls. All the things you would expect to find at a well stocked training facility.


But when you step inside that’s when you get the big surprise. Hanging from the ceiling twenty feet up is this beautiful red fabric that looks like something you would see on an avant-garde film set or at the Getty Museum. “This is AIReal Yoga” I’m told by Jami Klein of V-fit Ventura Fitness Studio.



Created by Carmen Curtis, a former elite gymnast, personal trainer, aerialist, yoga teacher and mother of 2, AIReal Yoga is an amazing new form of fitness and it is the first form of aerial yoga certified by the Yoga Alliance.


Equally beneficial for beginners and advanced students, you will leave class feeling taller, leaner, and quite literally, higher.  The swiveling hammock allows you to perform inversions without compressing the spine.  This relaxed state will help you breathe out physical tension and emotional stress, increase your circulation and provide fresh oxygen to the brain. Your metabolism will increase and inflammation will decrease.  You will flip your life’s hourglass.


AIReal yoga increases your core strength and offers you a full body workout while protecting your joints from excessive wear and tear.  It will put the fun back in your workout routine while deepening your respect for yourself and your body.  It is an inherently individual practice that also builds a community amongst practitioners.


Jami Klein and Kathy Lopez are both certified AIReal Yoga teachers and have many classes at their studio.9431115


Now I’ve worked at facilities that had yoga walls that allowed you to hang from the wall doing something similar to this but AIReal yoga is a totally different experience. Now I haven’t taken a full class but I did get rigged up and hang upside down from one of these amazing hammocks and I have to say that my problematic low back released almost immediately. Hanging freely, floating in space with nothing to bump up against or thick straps that chafe and bind to distract you, there is a feeling of freedom that is without compare. I highly recommend that if you’re in southern California and love yoga, you give this innovative and just plain fun take on yoga a try.

V-Fit Ventura Fitness Studio is located at 4561 MARKET STREET SUITE C VENTURA, CA 93003   They can be reached at  805.535.8822

There  website is