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Build Your Wellness Bank Account

Build Your Wellness Bank Account

You want to look your best, feel good and live well. You want to preserve your quality of life. You know that age is just a number because you feel young at heart. And you know that exercising regularly is part of an overall healthy lifestyle.


Think about what you would do if you wanted to have a comfortable retirement…or make a large purchase like buying a new home…or fund your child’s college education. You’d plan for it. You’d put money aside on a regular basis. You wouldn’t just decide at the last minute to make these things happen. You know that it takes time, commitment and a long term perspective.


Now think about your health. It works the same way. Like big investments or purchases, you need to commit to your health on a regular basis. You need to do the right things each week to make sure that your “wellness bank account” keeps growing. That means exercise is a regular part of your life and you figure out ways to make it a priority, to make it part of your ongoing schedule. And if you do, it pays dividends much like building your financial bank account. You’ll feel great. You’ll look great. You’ll reduce your stress levels. You’ll be able to do the things you’ve always done and not have to cut back or slow down.


You now have the chance to try an amazing new audio exercise product from the best trainers in the world. It’s personalized based on YOUR fitness level and health profile. It’s easy-to-use, science-based and available 24/7 to squeeze into your busy schedule. It costs just pennies a day…and works!


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CIMG0264 (2)Alan Winters is the COO of ProActive Health Solutions, which is dedicated to changing people’s lives at the intersection of science, health and exercise. The company offers personalized audio programming from expert trainers for general fitness, wellness promotion and disease intervention. Alan spent most of his career in the entertainment field as a TV studio executive and producer, but his passion has always been health and fitness.