4 Things You Can Do To Be Healthier Today

4 Things You Can Do To Be Healthier Today

Most of the things we need to do to be healthier take time and a lot of effort. But there are things you can do that will have an immediate impact on how you look and feel. Here are four  things that you can do right now to make yourself healthier today

1. Laugh: The simple act of laughing strengthens the immune system, boosts energy, increase blood flow, diminishes pain and will protect you from the damaging effects of stress. So go ahead and yuck it up for your health.

2. Stand up for a minute or two every hour: Sitting for prolonged periods of time increases LDL (bad cholesterol) levels in the blood stream, slows the bodies metabolic rate, lowers insulin resistance, raises the risk of stroke and stretches the fatty tissue in the backs of your legs and buttocks making those areas look bigger. Getting up and out of your chair regularly can have an immediate effect on your over all health and happiness. (To find out more click here)

3. Drink plenty of water: Being dehydrated (even slightly) is bad news for your health because water is an essential component of the human body. being dehydrated can impair cognitive function, sap you of energy, raise your blood pressure and cause digestive problems. So drink up.

4. Get 8 hours of sleep: Our body repairs itself during the time that we spend sleeping each night. It can’t get all that work done if you don’t give it enough time to do it in. Sleep specialists say that most people need 7-9 hours a night for optimal body function.