10 Tips To Be More Active During The Day

Many of us spend the majority of the day behind a desk or in front of a computer. The problem is there are more and more studies coming out that point to the conclusion that all this sitting may be bad for your health. On June 18th, 2013 the American Medical Association announced it was adopting new policies on sitting at their annual meeting. After several large studies have pointed to sitting for extended periods of time as being a potential risk factor in several lifestyle diseases, the AMA adopted a new policy recognizing potential risks of prolonged sitting and encouraging employers, employees to be more active over the course of the day.

“Prolonged sitting, particularly in work settings, can cause health problems and encouraging workplaces to offer employees alternatives to sitting all day will help to create a healthier workforce,” said Dr. Harris. To get more information on this subject Click here.

But getting active doesn’t just have to be just at work. The following list can help you be more active from the moment you wake up until you hop in the sack at night.

10 Tips To Be More Active During The Day

  1. Place your alarm clock across the room so you have to walk over to shut it off
  2. Eat breakfast standing up at the kitchen counter
  3. When listening to music in the car, tap your fingers on the steering wheel, shimmy your butt in the seat, and sing at the top of your lungs
  4. Park in the furthest parking space from your destination
  5. Always stand and pace when on the phone
  6. Fidget when sitting for more than twenty minutes (shake your legs, strum your fingers, twirl a pencil or pen)
  7. Have walking meetings with fellow workers
  8. Drink small cups of water from the water cooler across the office so you’ll have to make frequent trips
  9. If you sit watching television, get up and move during commercial breaks
  10. Have 30 minutes of vigorous sex each and every night (even if you’re alone)