Concentration Meditation For Better Body Awarness

There are many different forms of meditation this one is called a concentration meditation. It is design to bring your full awareness to a single object pushing aside all other thought and losing yourself in that object. In this concentration meditation that object is your body. Becoming more aware of your body can be helpful in several ways. You can become aware of where you hold tension or stress allowing you to use site specific techniques to release that tension and stress. You can also be more aware of the early symptoms of illness or injury letting you change your behavior and doing the things that will keep you well and injury free. Meditation can also reduce anxiety, decrease muscle tension and increase mental acuity. But in order to get these benefits you must practice meditation on a regular basis. To practice this particular meditation you will need to find a place where you can lie or sit down comfortably.


  • Lay on your back, close your eyes.


  • Feel your head and skull. Sense its weight. Feel your scalp and forehead allow the muscles in the scalp and forehead to relax.
  • Feel your eyes. Sense if there is tension in your eyes. Sense if you are forcibly closing your eyelids. Consciously relax your eyelids and feel the tension slide off the eyes.


  • Feel your mouth and jaw. Consciously relax them. Pay particular attention to your jaw muscles and unclench them if you need to. Feel your mouth and jaw relax.
    • Feel your neck. Sense its weight. Consciously release the tension in the muscles in the neck, feel your neck relax.
    • Feel your shoulders. Sense their weight. Consciously relax the muscles across the tops of the shoulders and all around the shoulder joints. Allow your shoulders to relax.


  • Feel your arms and hands. Feel their weight. Relax all the muscles in your arms and hands all the way down to the tips of your fingers. Feel your arms and hands relax.


  • Feel your abdomen and chest. Sense your breathing. Consciously will them to relax. Deepen your breathing slightly and feel your abdomen and chest relax.
  • Feel your buttocks. Sense their weight. Consciously relax the muscles and feel them release. Allow your buttocks to relax
  • Feel your upper legs. Feel their weight. Consciously relax The muscles in the front and back of the thighs and feel the tension drift away.
  • Feel the lower legs. Feel their weight. Consciously relax the muscles of the calves and lower legs. Feel the lower legs relax.
    • Feel your feet. Sense their weight. Consciously relax them. Start with your ankles and progress to your toes. Feel your feet relax.
    • Mentally scan your body. If you find any place that is still tense, then consciously relax that place. Now feel your entire body grow heavy and slowly sink down towards the earth beneath you.


Slowly open your eyes and become aware of your surroundings. Take a moment to become aware of how you feel.