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7 Fast Food Meals You Should Never Eat

Let’s face it, even the most ardent health food nut has to occasionally break down and eat at a fast food restaurant. Our crazy hectic lives just make it necessary from time to time. But eating at your favorite fast food outlet doesn’t mean you have to dance with the devil. There are many healthy alternatives at many fast food outlets, but there are some fast food meals you should never eat, especially if your watching your weight. Here are 7 things to avoid at all costs when hitting that drive thru.

1. McDonalds Big Breakfast: The Big breakfast at Mickey Ds has scrambled eggs, pancakes with margarine & syrup, biscuit and a sausage patty. That’s a big breakfast. With a calorie count of 1370, It also has more than two-thirds of the calories you should eat in a day, more than a day’s worth of saturated fat and more sugar than two packages of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Really, is that the way you want to start your day?

2. Pizza Huts Crazy Cheesy Crust Pizza: Just two slices of this crazy crust pizza (who actually eats just 2 slices of pizza?) has 680 calories and an eye popping and potentially heart stopping 16 grams of saturated fat. Add a soda and some hot wings (I can never resist the hot wings) and you have taken in more calories than a small village in Africa gets in a week.


3. Burger King Large Triple Whopper with Cheese value meal with fries and a Coke: OK not really surprising that this meal isn’t all that healthy what is a big surprise is the sheer epic vastness of the calorie count. At 2200 calories this is truly a Whopper of a meal. Sweet Baby Jesus, that’s more calories than many of us should eat in a whole day! It’s not just the calorie count that’s enormous; it also contains 111 grams of fat and 2430 milligrams of sodium. Wow!


4. Popeye’s Breast Leg and a Biscuit: This is one of my personal weaknesses. While the calorie count isn’t outrageous (640) the amount of saturated fat is (15.4 grams). Best to steer clear if you have the willpower. I clearly don’t.


5. Wendys Baconator Triple: I have to admit I do like a good bacon burger, but this thing is just over the top. Who really needs 3 quarter-pound patties, 3 slices of cheese, 6 strips of bacon on a grilled and buttered bun that is then slathered in mayo. This behemoth weighs in with 1330 calories and that’s just the sandwich. I think I’ll hold the fries and no frosty for me, thanks.


6. McDonalds 32oz chocolate triple thick milk shake: Maybe I’m just naive but this one was a big shock to me. The beloved milk shake is really the jack the ripper of the fast food menu. At an unbelievable 1160 calories this sweet treat blows away the burgers on the make-your-butt-look-fat meter.


7. KFC Half Spicy Crispy Chicken Meal with Macaroni and cheese, potato wedges and a biscuit: It may be “finger lickin’ good” but eat this on a regular basis and those fingers you’re lickin’ will be as fat as sausages! This meal has 1660 calories and that’s without a drink. This meal is the secret recipe to growing very large.