Pilates For Better Sex?

Pilates for better sex? Absolutely. Now don’t get me wrong… going to a couple of Pilates classes isn’t going to miraculously make you a more caring or compassionate lover, nor will it improve your overall technique, and it definitely won’t make you more vocal or enthusiastic in the sack. But the exercises invented by Joseph Pilates can help you in other areas that can help sex last longer and be more enjoyable for both partners. Why is Pilates so sex-friendly and why you need to do Pilates for better sex?

Well the foundation of Pilates is the breath. The Pilates breath was designed to create mental focus and oxygenate the blood, both of which are crucial to great sex. The breath is a deep breath that is done while doing the physical exercises; it fully fills the lungs and takes great mental concentration to maintain it also keeps the exerciser in the here and now. Clearly being fully focused and present and in the moment during lovemaking makes for a deep meaningful sexual experience and enhances our awareness of ourselves and our partner. Oxygen-rich blood ensures that that all the parts are functioning properly and optimizes sensitivity.

When you take a Pilates class you will hear a lot about engaging “the pelvic floor.” To keep this simple, engaging the pelvic floor is very similar to do doing Kegels. Now for guys Kegels have been shown in multiple studies to be effective for many men who struggle with premature ejaculation as well as improving the strength of your erection and for years was a standard treatment for erectile dysfunction. Not convinced yet? Kegels have also been shown to create stronger and more intense ejaculations for men.

For women Kegels improve the strength of the pelvic floor muscles. Stronger muscle mean tighter grip…if you know what I mean, which can make a girl very popular. Even better, having strong pelvic floor muscles also make for far more intense orgasms. Now that’s a major benefit.

Another major reason Pilates is good for your sex life is flexibility. You know that crazy Kama Sutra position you always wanted to try. Well with the hamstring, quadriceps, hip and glute flexibility you’ll get from doing Pilates the only thing that will stand between you and that position will be talking your significant other into giving it a try.

Another reason Pilates is good for your sex life is core strength. Our core, or as Joseph Pilates called it “the power house,” is the focus of Pilates exercise, Having  a toned, strong mid section doesn’t just look good to the opposite sex, it makes the person with the tight flat midsection feel attractive. Feeling attractive makes you feel confident, which helps you feel sexy.

Now that we’ve convinced you that Pilates can rev up your sex life and make sex more enjoyable, how do you get started? Well you can run out and sign up for a local mat class or get some private lessons on some of the Pilates machines both of which can be time consuming and expensive. If these options don’t work for you, my good friend Alycea Ungaro has a great book titled Pilates Practice Companion that actually has a section on Pilates for better sex. There is also a DVD titled Pilates for Better Sex