Herbs and Spices: Hidden Benefits

The water’s boiling, the oven’s pre-heating, the pans are sizzling, and you’re cooking up a storm, but what do you turn to when it comes to adding that extra BAM to your food? A wonderful assortment of various herbs and spices of course! Why? Because nobody likes a bland chicken breast or a plain pasta sauce right?

We sift through our spice racks and venture out into our gardens in search of the perfect combination of flavors to add that extra pizazz to a dish and stimulate our taste buds but believe it or not, many of the herbs and spices we regularly cook with can serve various other purposes and possess many benefits, other than simply adding flavor to our food! Who would have thought that more delicious meals could in turn mean a healthier you?

Parsley: A natural diuretic that relieves water retention by preventing salt from being absorbed into the bodily tissue. Say goodbye to bloating!

Basil: Can boost the brain’s production of serotonin and dopamine causing happier and more upbeat moods.

Cayenne: The fiery spice deactivates neurotransmitters that cause inflammation. Sinus pressure and congestion be gone!

Ginger: Calms spasms in the digestive tract, thus reducing nausea.

Cilantro: The acids in cilantro bind to traces of metal in the blood, removing them from the body. The absence of these metals reverses the toxin build ups that cause fatigue and depression.

Garlic: Contains anti-fungal and antibacterial properties that help your body fight infections!

Cinnamon: Can help lower blood pressure.

Paprika: Contains anti-inflammatory components as well as a good source of antioxidants.

Turmeric: Can inhibit the growth of cancer cells.

Rosemary: Can help your body fight against obesity and liver disease.

Mint: Has a strong aroma that can help relieve headaches and curb nausea.

Thyme: Relaxes respiratory muscles and can help soothe a pesky cough.

Sydney Burden


Sydney Burden Is the My Life Fitness beauty and fashion editor. Sydney is a journalism major at San Jose State University with an emphasis in magazine, and a minor in creative writing. Her main areas of interest are fitness and nutrition.