10 Delicious and Nutritious Snacks that will Keep you Feeling Full

When your’e juggling a busy schedule and have a million things to accomplish, it’s hard enough to remember to pack your lunch in the morning, let alone worry about what you’ll do if you find yourself feeling hungry in between meals. When your stomach begins to rumble around 3 o’clock and you know you won’t be home for dinner for another few hours, it’s easy to make unhealthy snacking choices, But with a little extra planning, you can win at the hunger game!

Stop making those mid-day trips to the vending machine for a greasy bag of chips or a gooey candy bar, and try slipping one or two of these protein packed snacks into your bag in the morning instead. Not only will your hunger be immediately satisfied, but these snacks will keep you feeling full until your next meal, without adding a ton of extra calories to your day. We often associate snacking with being unhealthy but having two snacks a day, in between each major meal, can help you maintain good eating habits and avoid overeating in the long run. Taking a few extra minutes out of your morning to pack a few healthy and nutritious snacks can help you eat your way to a thinner waist!

  1. Whole grain crackers with sliced cheddar cheese and turkey lunch meat.
  2. Hummus with carrots and celery sticks.
  3. Plain Greek yogurt with sliced strawberries and honey.
  4. Cottage cheese with sliced tomatoes.
  5. Whole wheat tortilla with almond butter and honey, rolled up and lightly warmed.
  6. One slice of whole wheat toast topped with half an avocado, salt, and pepper.
  7. One wedge of Laughing Cow spreadable cheese and sliced cucumber.
  8. Sliced bananas topped with honey and cinnamon.
  9. One hard boiled egg and a glass of almond milk.
  10. One handful of raw almonds and two small pieces of dark chocolate.

Sydney Burden


Sydney Burden Is the My Life Fitness beauty and fashion editor. Sydney is a journalism majorĀ at San Jose State University with an emphasis in magazine, and a minor in creative writing. Her main areas of interest are fitness and nutrition.