Natural Beauty Products for the Ladies

For many of us, looking our best means feeling better about ourselves. Despite our busy lives, we still spend a great deal of time amongst the various beauty and personal grooming isles of our local drugstores, endlessly sifting through products to find the next best remedies for our subtle imperfections.

We search for the perfect product to erase our fine lines, moisturize our itchy, dry patches, cover up our dark circles, and add some extra volume to our locks, but do we spend any time looking at the ingredients written in neat, fine print on the back of these “magic” products? Well believe it or not, we should. While these age defying, skin perfecting, color boosting products may give us positive temporary results, many of them are packed with harmful chemicals such as parabans, sulfates, phthalates, and formaldahydes, that are used to make the products last longer but can cause long term damage to our bodies.

Not only can the affects of these harmful additives be seen on the surface over time, but our skin ultimately absorbs the various things that we directly expose it to, which means that these chemicals are also entering our bodies through our blood stream, eventually accumulating in our major organs. Suddenly, that citrus scented body butter that your friends have been raving about doesn’t seem so worth it, does it?

The easiest way to avoid damaging our precious hair, skin, and nails would be to go bare and rock the all natural look, and I applaud those of you who can, but let’s be honest, some of us just need a little extra cosmetic help when it comes to feeling our best. The solution is simple, just read the ingredients labels and avoid products that have these evil chemicals listed! Instead choose natural organic beauty products.

You don’t even have to go on a hunt for specialty stores or break the bank shopping online to find natural beauty products that use natural and organic ingredients. Many of these healthy options are hiding among the shelves of your local drugstore, making it easy and convenient to make the switch. What are some of these hidden gems you ask?

Brands such as Yes To, Burt’s Bees, Alba, Physicians Formula, Neutrogena, Almay, and O.P.I, offer natural beauty products that are free of these harmful chemicals while still delivering results, and can all be easily found at local Target stores as well as most drugstores. For every generic beauty product, there is usually a natural one that works just as well, while eliminating the possible side effects, so why not take the high road and opt for a healthier alternative that will not only make you look better but will make you feel better too? Lets face it, there’s nothing better than an organic beauty.

You’re only given one body, you might as well pamper it the right way. I think even the busiest schedule has time for that!

photo (38)Sydney Burden Is the My Life Fitness beauty and fashion editor. Sydney is a journalism majorĀ at San Jose State University with an emphasis in magazine, and a minor in creative writing. Her main areas of interest are fitness and nutrition.