SPRI Tubing Set

Product Review: SPRI Resistance Tubing

Lots of companies make resistance tubing. But for most of my career as a wellness coach and personal trainer I have trusted SPRI for my rubber strength training product needs. There are several different rubber strength training products ranging from simple thin bands to thick tubing. No matter what you choose the quality of the rubber used in the product makes a huge difference in how it holds up over time and in the products safety.  I especially love the SPRI Braided Xertube. This product is great if you’re using it in the non-gym environment or in high traffic areas as it offers an added layer of security on top of high quality rubber that means the chance of the band snapping in your face (which is not good) is minimized. They are also a good choice for people who do a lot of traveling as they fit easily in a suitcase or carry-on bag (recently I went to London and I was able to do all my strength training in my hotel room for almost three weeks). The other huge advantage that tubing has over weights is the price. Tubing will run you between $9 (low resistance with non braiding) and $56 (super high resistance with braiding). High quality weights are much more expensive and far less portable.

Bands are a great option for the office because they store easily, don’t weigh anything if you want to schlep them back and forth from home to office, and unlike hand weights they allow a lot of flexibility (they are rubber after all) in how they can be used. Resistance bands come in varying thicknesses, with the thickest requiring the most strength to stretch. Usually they are color coded and come in extra light, light, medium, heavy and extra heavy resistance.  You should choose the correct resistance for your fitness level and the muscle group you are working (stronger muscles, higher resistance) which is why you should have several bands that you carry around. There are two types of resistance bands: thin rubber bands (that look like wide thin rubber bands) and rubber tubing with built-in handles. Personally I prefer tubing. Tubing is more resilient and holds up to heavier use (most of the damage to all forms of resistance bands happens in storage and the office tends to have lots of sharp objects in the same places where you might need to store your equipment) and tubing has a lot of great accessories like handles and door attachments.  I especially like the braided tubing for the office, as it lessens the likelihood of the dreaded band break which can be dangerous, painful, loud and embarrassing. The Xertube comes in several different resistances and is actually aesthetically pleasing (looks pretty cool) which means your co-workers will be asking where you got that cool piece of equipment instead of what are you doing with that weird rubber band.

Rubber resistance tubes are available at most sporting goods stores or you can order them right here in the My Life Fitness Boutique and we will ship them right to your door.