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Product Review: Ergotron WorkFit-S, Single HD with Work Surface+Standup Desk

I am a busy marketing director for a custom millwork company where I “wear a lot of hats.” For 26 years I sat in a typical office chair in front of a computer whenever I was in my office, and spent ┬ámost of my day there. As technology began to increasingly dominate my work, I found myself spending hours on end in a chair without getting up. I was gaining weight, feeling lethargic, and noticing a decline in my productivity. I bought the Ergotron WorkFit-S Single HD with Work Surface + and assembled it and installed it by myself in about 45 minutes in my office. This particular model worked best for attachment to my big hardwood executive style desk. The instructions were clear, it was really easy to assemble and there was never one of those “what do I do next” moments. It said I would probably have to adjust the resistance on the keyboard platform/work surface, (which slides up and down to the level that is best for you to stand– or sit for a spell if you get a little tired!) but mine was perfect as it was, right out of the box.

I love this standup desk. I hardly ever sit down during the day now. There is something really motivating about entering my office after a break, walking up to the keyboard and just starting to type without all of the distraction of pulling up the chair, getting situated, etc. I wish my executive desk allowed me to have the Ergotron model that clamped to the side or back edge of my desk, because this model is in the way when I am meeting with a client; but that’s what they make conference rooms for, right?

And yes, I got some strange looks for the first few days when people walked by my office, and saw me standing there typing, but I burn 60 calories an hour just by standing up, and I am way more productive than before I had this little gem, so let them stare! I feel great and I’m not going to be sitting down on the job anytime soon.

MSB Headshot for LinkedInMaria Schell Burden is the Director of Marketing for AG Millworks, a custom millwork manufacturing company in California. She is a history buff and has published two historical biographies, “Professor T.S.C. Lowe and his Mountain Railway,” and “The Life and Times of Robert G. Fowler,” both from Borden Publishing. She is at work on her first historical novel “We Were Patriots, The Taming of the Mohawk Valley,” from MLF Press. Release date: August 6, 2013. She can be reached at