Combo Exercises: Burpee with Pushup

I love combo exercises! Why? For the same reason my wife loves the two for one pumps sale at Nordstroms. She gets two pairs of hot shoes for the same price she would have paid for just one pair. Combo exercises get you twice the workout in half the time and if your as busy as I am that’s a real blessing. Today’s combo is burpee with pushup, it works the core stabalizers, chest, shoulders, triceps, and the entire lower body. Since this combo doesn’t require any equipment and you don’t need a lot of space, you can do it almost anywhere, which makes it perfect to sneak in a short one or two minute workout at work. Put this combo with a couple of other exercises and you have a killer workout routine. Before starting this or any other workout you should always check with your healthcare provider to be sure you are healthy enough to do these exercises (our lawyer made us say that because this is pretty hard).