7 Antioxidant Rich Foods For a Perfect Complexion

Antioxidant Foods For Radiant Skin

Beauty balms, thick moisturizers, and expensive cleansers are all things we rely on to give us the perfect skin we can feel comfortable in, but did you know that your outside appearance depends greatly on the nutrients you ingest, not the products you apply? Well, you do now! The saying holds true that you really are what you eat and it is also often the case that the way you look is the way you feel, so do your body a favor and feed it the right way. Here is a list of antioxidant foods that will get you well on your way to a healthier, happier you, because beauty is not just skin deep, it stems from the inside. Fit these super foods into your diet and say hello to beautiful, healthy skin!


almonds1.) Almonds: Not only are they a quick and satisfying snack, but they also do wonders for your body! Almonds are packed with Vitamin E and antioxidants that help protect your skin from harmful UV rays.


navel2.) Oranges: This super food is full of Vitamin C which helps protect your skin from environmental damage while giving you a fresh, glowing complexion. Oranges are an amazing addition to a summer fruit salad and will help keep you looking vibrant and revived!


spinach-bunch3.) Spinach: This leafy green vegetable contains numerous vitamins and antioxidants that can help fight acne, smooth wrinkles, reduce inflammation, and slow down the affects of skin cancer. Spinach is an extremely versatile veggie that can be added to smoothies, pasta dishes, salads, breakfast scrambles, or stir fries!


ttar_carrot_03_v_launch4.) Carrots: Pack a powerful punch of Vitamin A which helps prevent as well as clear unwanted breakouts. Chop up a few and toss them in a salad, or dip them in some hummus and munch away, you definitely won’t regret it!



green-tea5.) Green Tea: A hot, steaming cup of this miracle tea releases a powerful type of antioxidant called catechins, which have been known to help prevent skin cancer. A cup of green tea with a teaspoon of honey a day is both satisfying, and rewarding. Drink up!


Dark_Chocolate6.) Dark Chocolate: Chock full of antioxidants that reduce roughness in the skin and help prevent sun damage. Sweet, indulgent, AND beneficial? It’s almost too good to be true!


721px-tomato_je7.) Tomatoes: These luscious red beauties contain a photochemical called Lycopene, which helps reduce signs of aging in the skin. Throw them in your favorite pasta dish or drizzle with a little olive oil and a pinch of salt as a side dish, you simply can’t go wrong


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