Stress Questionnaire

Are things hectic at work? Family worries got you feeling stressed? Does your commute make you grind your teeth? Think you need stress management? Take our quiz to find out just how stressed you really are. Stay tuned for some practical real-world ways to relieve stress see Toes Progressive Relaxation for the Office; and you won’t have to meditate on a mountaintop.

In the blank at the left of each statement, please rate the statement as it relates to you on a scale of one to five. Five would be “Yes, that sounds just like me.” One would be “That doesn’t sound like me at all.”


  1.  ______ I often feel a great deal of anxiety about the state of the world, world events, war, the environment or what could possibly happen now or in the future.
  2.  ______ I often worry about my job performance or being unable to complete my workload on time.
  3. ______ I have chronic pain, headaches or stomach aches. 
  4. ______ I have trouble just letting go and enjoying the simple pleasures like reading a good book, having coffee with a friend or just simply relaxing and taking a nap.
  5. ______ I am very concerned about what others think of me; how I look, how much money I make, how successful I am.
  6. ______ I start my day by looking at my “to do” list and feel overwhelmed, and then later I find it impossible to complete all the tasks that I think I should.
  7. ______ I am not happy with who I am.
  8. ______ I always feel a little fatigued or tired, and I don’t have the energy I think I should.
  9. ______ When I feel like letting go, I smoke, drink or take a pill.
  10. ______ I often feel overwhelmed by daily tasks. 

______ Total Points

Questionnaire Evaluation

  • 50-40 You may be highly stressed
  • 30-40  You may be moderately stressed
  • 30-20 You may be mildly stressed
  • 20-10  You are a Zen Master!

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