Product Review – FitDesk X

Let’s start with why you might want to get a FitDesk X exercise bike. In truth this piece of equipment really isn’t built to be a true “exercise bike.” If that’s what you’re looking for there are far better choices out there. What the FitDesk is meant to be is a tool to be more active while you work. FitDesk is a great way to burn calories while talking on the phone, doing computer work or pretty much anything you might do at your desk as it has a convenient work surface that sits where the handle bars would normally be. FitDesk’s ergonomics fit my body and typing is comfortable and easy. It doesn’t take up a lot of space; the seat is one of those wide bottom varieties and doesn’t cut off the circulation or chafe those “tender nether regions.” The resistance feature allows you to decide just how much effort you want to expend (a knob on the bike turns the resistance up and down with a simple twist of the wrist). Most of us don’t want to get sweaty at work and this piece of equipment does a great job of allowing you to pedal at a low intensity rate that uses energy but doesn’t require a lot of exertion–thus little sweat. With all the new studies pointing to the importance of regular activity over the course of the day being vital to overall health, the FitDesk is a great tool for people who worry about the amount of time they spend sitting each day and the effect it has on their health. It’s also an easy way to drop a few extra pounds with minimal effort (you’ve got to know that you’ll burn more calories pedaling slowly than you do sitting on your butt like a complete slug). I only have two complaints with the FitDesk. #1: Stability. Because it folds and is meant to be portable, it doesn’t feel rock solid, and because my laptop is strapped to the desktop I feel a little nervous. But after using the FitDesk for more than a year I have never had it tip and fall so maybe I’m just a worry wart. #2: When you are pedaling away on your FitDesk, I’m still in the seated position which means my hip flexors tend to get a little tight. What surprised me most was it seems to make me more productive. Pedaling along at a slow leisurely pace seems to help wake up my brain and keep me more alert and focused. While having an exercise bike in your office might get you a few questioning looks from fellow employees, watch those looks turn into envious stares as you start to lose those extra pounds. I highly recommend the FitDesk.